Waze’s Crash History Alerts Warn Drivers of Dangerous Roads

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Waze apparently thinks Grove St. is an accident-prone road. Hopefully, they won’t encounter TJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Gif: Waze

Waze users will start hearing directly from the app which are the most accident-prone roads on their route. Google-owned app will help settlements about the worst roads and driver.

The new crash history alerts use past crash data and details about the road, including traffic and elevation, to identify problematic spots. The system combines this data with updates from the Waze community, and AI determines the roads with the most issues on a user’s route. When approaching a hazardous highway section, Waze will send an alert according to a recent blog post.

The alerts will show at the bottom of the app with a message like “History of crashes – next 1 mi.” It will not pinpoint specific intersections or problematic road sections, but it may prompt drivers to be more attentive. The app does not provide information on the type of accidents—pedestrian, cyclist, or vehicle.

Waze assures that these alerts will not appear on familiar roads. Google already collects information from users about local accidents and speed traps, and the app will still report road closures and upcoming accidents.

Waze already shares roadside alert data with users and emergency responders about accidents. This new feature builds on the data the app has been collecting. Following the combination of Waze and Google Maps teams last year, Waze has been receiving more in-car integration and cross-pollination between the two apps. Additionally, Waze was hit with layoffs earlier this year, which may result in more collaboration between both apps.

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