Using Lightning AI Studio For Free

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In this post, we will be exploring a new Cloud IDE that’s free and user-friendly. It’s an upgraded version of Google Colab, allowing you to save projects, use essential plugins, and run generative models on GPU for free.

Lightning AI Studio is a cloud-based AI development platform, similar to Google Colab, aiming to eliminate the hassle of setting up local environments for ML projects.

Here are the key features of Lightning AI Studio:

  1. It integrates popular ML tools into a single interface, enabling building scalable AI apps and endpoints more easily.
  2. No environment setup required, coding in the browser, or connecting to local IDE like VSCode or PyCharm.
  3. Hosting and sharing AI apps built with Streamlit, Gradio, React JS, etc. Multi-user collaboration.
  4. Unlimited storage and the ability to upload, share files, and connect S3 buckets.
  5. Training models at a massive scale using thousands of GPUs (Paid option). Running hyperparameter sweeps, data preprocessing, and model deployment massively in parallel.
  6. Local development experience while leveraging the power of cloud infrastructure.
  7. Discover community templates (Studios) for deploying, fine-tuning, and training models quickly on your cloud with your data in minutes, no setup required.

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