Update du 04/02/2024

By neub9
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Last week, I mentioned that “new images open a lot of doors.” Well, I took advantage of that opportunity… but didn’t really do much with it for the moment 😅

On a more serious note, I haven’t been very active this week, with only a handful of updates in the box, mainly “touch-ups” related to other recent changesets. I also finished adding the branches of the Proxibus de Seraing and had recorded the session to make a video, but it didn’t turn out great to be honest, so I dropped the idea.

As for videos, it’s also been a bit lighter this week with:

This hiker goes scouting for chemins.be in the Bois de l’Abbaye in Seraing – Finally, a live outing where I go to the Bois de l’Abbaye to take photos for the site chemins.be. I also show 2-3 things that I added on OSM in the past to complete this forest.

This OpenStreetMap mapper returns to Bierset for more changes – Live version of this changeset where I return to Bierset after the SPW update to… also update the OSM map.

And that’s it for this week. I will be a bit busier this week, so I’m not sure if this pace will continue or if I’ll have time for three videos, but we’ll see.

See you later!

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