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In today’s data-driven world, organizations are facing the challenge of managing and leveraging data effectively. With increasing regulations, digital transformation, and the demand for data-driven decision-making, the need for accurate, accessible, and protected data is growing. However, there is a lack of standards and formal recognition for data management excellence, making it difficult for organizations to identify areas of improvement in their data management functions.

To address these challenges, the EDM Council, in partnership with its member firms, has developed the innovative Data Excellence Program. This program aims to establish a new standard for measuring and acknowledging data management excellence on a global scale, providing a roadmap for organizations committed to continuous improvement in data management and advanced analytics.

The Data Management Dilemma

As data becomes the lifeblood of modern organizations, the struggle to manage it effectively has never been more apparent. Organizations need to shift their approach to data management from a one-time IT project to a strategic, ongoing program. The Data Excellence Program aims to support chief data officers (CDOs) and data leaders in justifying and securing sustainable multi-year funding for their data management initiatives.

Key Components of the Data Excellence Program

  • Funding Support: The program provides essential support to CDOs and data leaders in securing funding for their data management programs, facilitating long-term investments in data excellence.
  • Strategic Program Approach: The program encourages organizations to embed a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in their approach to managing data, ensuring long-term success.
  • Industry Recognition: The program establishes an independent approach for evaluating and acknowledging sustained commitments to data management excellence, boosting the reputation of participating organizations.

Elements of the Data Excellence Program

  • Data Management Team Training and Certification: The program emphasizes staff training using the Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) to ensure organizations have a skilled workforce capable of navigating data management complexities.
  • Independent Assessments and Capability Improvement Plans: Annual independent assessments guide organizations towards continuous enhancement, providing a roadmap for sustained excellence.
  • Recognition for Program Participation: Participating organizations receive company-level recognition, marking achievement for sequential levels of progress.
  • Global Data Management Benchmark Repository: The program includes the establishment of a global benchmark repository for organizations striving for continuous improvement.

Founding Members’ Perspective

The Data Excellence Program has garnered enthusiasm and commitment from its founding members, including participating companies and Certified Partners. These organizations are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of their data assets, fostering a community committed to data management best practices.

“The EDM Council’s Data Excellence Program provides formal acknowledgment of our accomplishments at an organizational level,” said Jeff Wolkove, State CDO, State of Arizona. Similarly, Ben Clinch, Head of Information Architecture at BT Group, stated, “We are already seeing results, such as a team culture dedicated to delivering the highest quality and greatest value for our data assets.”


The EDM Council’s Data Excellence Program guides organizations toward a future where data is optimized for strategic success. By fostering continuous improvement, providing funding support, and offering industry-wide recognition, this program enhances the landscape of data management and elevates organizations to new heights of excellence. To learn more about the Data Excellence Program, please visit the EDM Council website.

This quarter’s column was contributed by:
John Bottega, President of the EDM Council

John Bottega is an experienced strategy and data management executive who has served in various capacities in the industry. He is currently the president of the EDM Council and has contributed significantly to the advancement of data management practices throughout his career.

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