Top IT Skills Trends in the UK for 2024

By neub9
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2023 was a challenging year for IT professionals in the UK, with major tech firms laying off workers. However, 2024 is expected to bring a more positive outlook for those in the industry. There is a growing demand for artificial intelligence and cloud expertise, as well as softer skills in communication and team management.

The UK has been facing a long-term IT skills shortage, with approximately two million people working in the tech sector but still a need for more skilled workers. According to government figures, there has been a high level of “skills-shortage vacancies” in the information and communications sector, with the percentage increasing from 25% in 2017 to 43% in 2022.

Research has also indicated a continued IT skills shortage, with businesses finding it challenging to hire digital workers due to a lack of qualified applicants. In 2024, the most in-demand tech jobs include artificial intelligence engineer, security operations center analyst, and cyber security manager, among others. Some of the top tech skills sought after in the UK for 2024 include cloud computing, Microsoft Dynamics, and Python, as well as cybersecurity and machine learning expertise.

As for the future of IT jobs in the UK, there will be a high demand for skilled technology resources, particularly in SME businesses. Sectors such as SaaS, education, healthcare, financial services, retail, and government are all investing in tech development. While some emerging trends, such as fractional working, may become more common in the future, it’s important for tech professionals to stay updated on the latest tech skills and programming languages such as Python, C, C++, Java, and C#. Additionally, developing soft skills in communication, stakeholder management, and strategic thinking will be crucial for future-proofing one’s career.

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