The KDnuggets 2023 Cheat Sheet Collection

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Looking for quick references in data science, machine learning, Python programming, data engineering, and AI? KDnuggets has a collection of cheat sheets created in 2023 to help you stay up-to-date and enhance your skills. Whether you’re an experienced data scientist, a machine learning enthusiast, or a data engineering professional, these cheat sheets offer valuable, nugget-sized bullet points of importance. From practical applications of tools like ChatGPT, to mastering data visualization with Plotly Express, each cheat sheet offers actionable insights to help you stay ahead in the field.

Some of the cheat sheets include:

– ChatGPT for Data Science
– GitHub CLI for Data Science
– Plotly Express for Data Visualization
– ChatGPT for Data Science Interview
– 10 ChatGPT Plugins for Data Science
– Streamlit for Machine Learning
– Machine Learning with ChatGPT
– Scikit-learn for Machine Learning
– Docker for Data Science
– Getting Started with Graph Database Queries
– Data Cleaning with Python
– Python Control Flow
– AI Chrome Extensions for Data Scientists
– Best Python Tools for Building Generative AI Applications
– LangChain

These cheat sheets cover various topics such as mastering interviews, using GUIs for data apps, and creating AI language-based apps. Check out the cheat sheets from KDnuggets to access these valuable insights.

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