The Dos and Don’ts of Pitching Journalists To Get More From Your Owned Media

By neub9
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Wouldn’t it be amazing if the content your brand dedicates so much time and resources to could attract attention from the media? Imagine the increased visibility and credibility boost your brand would receive from a third-party endorsement. The key to achieving this magic is by combining content and PR effectively.

Whether you are responsible for public relations or collaborate with a PR team, you have the power to create alchemy for your content and brand. To do so, follow these best practices for media outreach that have been adapted and updated from a speech given at Content Marketing World 2023.

Understand what content resonates with the media:
– Avoid sales-focused content as journalists and editorially focused media are not interested in promoting products directly.
– Stay away from undifferentiated content that doesn’t offer anything new or unique.
– Ensure your content is strong and supported by data, statistics, or customer stories.
– Steer clear of AI-generated content as authenticity is key to building credibility with the media.

Focus on content that works well with media outlets:
– Thought leadership pieces, such as executive interviews, often perform well.
– Customer stories can provide valuable material with the right permissions.
– Original data and research are highly favored by reporters and editors.
– Trend pieces based on publicly available data can also be successful.

Prioritize publications your target audience reads:
– Research to determine where your audience spends their time.
– Quality over quantity when it comes to pitching to media outlets.

Avoid overused words, jargon, and acronyms in your pitches:
– Keep language clear, concise, and free of industry jargon to make your content more accessible.

Adhere to publication guidelines:
– Show that you have read and understand the publication’s guidelines in your pitches.

Consider the publication’s audience and relevance to your pitch:
– Ensure your pitch is tailored to the publication’s coverage area and audience.

Build relationships with reporters and editors:
– Treat media contacts with respect, prioritize their needs, and maintain open lines of communication.
– Utilize trade shows or events to establish relationships with reporters.

Make the most of earned media:
– Share any coverage or mentions on social media, newsletters, and your website to maximize visibility.
– Highlight the success of turning owned media into earned media through a PR approach.

Overall, by implementing these tips and strategies, you can effectively leverage the power of content and PR to earn media attention and enhance your brand’s credibility. Join us at Content Marketing World this October for more insights and strategies to drive success for your business.

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