Telecommunications Data Monetization Strategies in 5G and beyond with Cloudera and AWS

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Data plays a crucial role in the telecommunications industry, providing valuable insights and opportunities for monetization. As the world becomes increasingly connected, the demand for real-time data access and exchange is essential for managing operations in various industries. From retail to government services and automotive aftermarket, the telco industry is at the heart of managing communication networks that enable this connectivity.

In order to effectively monetize data assets, telco businesses must first identify unique data sets that can be leveraged for insights and opportunities. For example, location data is particularly valuable, allowing businesses to understand traffic flow, pedestrian movement, and consumer behavior.

This data can be used to create rich opportunities for advertisers, store managers, content partners, and other consumer businesses. To effectively manage and monetize this data, telcos must prioritize governance, security, and observability. Cloudera SDX offers standard features to ensure the robust persistence and appropriate governance of data assets.

Telcos are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the potential of their data, leveraging their cloud-based IT architectures to act as “data brokers.” By creating enriched, monetizable data products, telcos can drive a wide variety of use cases and capabilities across value and supply chains.

Cloudera and AWS collaborate to provide solutions and products that support data monetization strategies for telcos. AWS clean rooms and Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) offer advanced data management and analytics capabilities, allowing telcos to efficiently collect, store, process, and analyze vast amounts of data.

By leveraging Cloudera’s data management tools alongside AWS’s scalable computing resources, storage options, and specialized services, telcos can optimize data-driven insights and streamline data monetization strategies. The integration with AWS Data Exchange and Amazon Marketing Cloud enables telcos to combine knowledge of their customer base with retail-based insights, driving effectively targeted campaigns.

Furthermore, Cloudera and AWS collaborate to help telcos reap cost savings, providing customer-specific analysis and intelligent storage tiering solutions to minimize operational costs. With a hybrid architecture, telcos can move less sensitive data into the public cloud while maintaining an on-prem presence under the umbrella of a single data platform.

Overall, Cloudera and AWS are working together to address telecommunications industry challenges and provide solutions that drive innovation and transformation. To learn more about how Cloudera and AWS are collaborating to support telcos, visit their website.

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