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Introducing RudderStack Cloud Free, a free tier of RudderStack Cloud that’s now live. No time limits or credit cards required. We want you to experience RudderStack, and Cloud Free makes it easy. You’ll enjoy the same great features as RudderStack Cloud Pro, with a monthly event cap of 500,000 (equivalent to roughly 10,000 monthly active users for most sites and apps). We believe you’ll find value in RudderStack, once you give it a try.

RudderStack’s Unique Approach to Customer Data Platforms

Traditional customer data platforms (CDPs) aim to eliminate customer data silos. However, they create another data silo by storing your data. RudderStack takes a different, “warehouse-first” approach that sidesteps this flaw.

RudderStack’s warehouse-first approach fixes this flaw.

RudderStack builds your CDP on your data warehouse, supporting cloud data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake. This eliminates the need to pay a CDP vendor to store your data and ensures better privacy and security.

RudderStack is Designed for Developers

RudderStack is built to be developer-friendly. Its features are designed API-first to seamlessly integrate into existing development processes. With 11 SDKs and source integrations, it effortlessly captures customer data from various touchpoints. Additionally, RudderStack offers connections to over 60 destinations, making it compatible with various systems and tools, including those you might already use.

RudderStack is fully compatible with Segment’s API, eliminating the need for reinstrumentation if you’re already using Segment. Plus, as an open-source platform, you have the freedom to modify RudderStack as needed and contribute to its development.

Start Sending Data with RudderStack

Get started with RudderStack by testing our event stream, ELT, and reverse-ETL pipelines or use our HTTP source to send data in under 5 minutes. Sign up for free now.

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