Space the Building Block of Innovation on Earth

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Chad Anderson, Founder of Space Capital, discussed the growing importance of space in unlocking innovation across multiple sectors, emphasizing the need to preserve the “final frontier” in an exclusive interview.

Key Points:

Transitioning from ‘Every company is a software company’ to ‘Every company will be a Space company’, how do you perceive this shift and its impact?

Anderson noted that while humanity has been active in space for years, the category of space as an investment opportunity is relatively new. Despite most of the action being in private markets, there is a growing presence of space companies listed on public markets, opening up investment opportunities for retail investors. Anderson compared the trajectory of space companies to the evolution of technology companies in the late 1990s, highlighting that space will ultimately become a fundamental component of every business to deliver value.

He stressed that space-based technologies such as GPS, Geospatial Intelligence, and Satellite Communications are crucial for innovation on Earth, serving as the “invisible backbone” of the world’s largest industries.

The subtitle of your book, Space Economy, ‘The Greatest Business Opportunity of Our Time’, is intriguing. Where do you see the NewSpace economy heading, and how can companies and countries maximize its benefits?

Anderson pointed out that the NewSpace economy has witnessed significant growth, with substantial investments in space companies over the past decade. He highlighted the enormous economic value generated by space-based technologies like GPS and emphasized the potential for new investment opportunities across various industries. Furthermore, he discussed the upcoming debut of Starship, predicting that it will significantly expand commercial opportunities in space, particularly in low-Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

He emphasized the need for companies, investors, and governments to understand and anticipate the growth of space technologies, advising them to plan for the transformative effects of new advancements in the space industry.

In an era of geopolitical uncertainty, how can NewSpace serve as a catalyst for bridging divides and fostering collaboration and innovation?

Anderson stressed the importance of space-based assets for economic stability and national security. He emphasized the critical role of safe coordination of orbital activities and highlighted the benefits of satellite communications in connecting people globally. Despite the challenges of managing the global commons in space, Anderson acknowledged the potential of space technologies to bridge the digital divide and improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

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