SingleStore update adds new tools to fuel GenAI, analytics

By neub9
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SingleStore has introduced Pro Max, an updated version of their suite meant to represent the company’s transition from being primarily a database specialist to being a broader data platform vendor. This update includes capabilities such as indexed vector search and change data capture (CDC) to facilitate the development of traditional AI, generative AI, and analytics applications. SingleStore, based in San Francisco, works with both on-premises and cloud-based deployments and has raised over $146 million in funding to fuel product development and geographic expansion.

The addition of indexed vector search, coupled with other Pro Max features, positions SingleStore to serve as a conduit for generative AI development. Their vector search capabilities are vital in training large language models (LLMs) and generative AI models with proprietary data. Additionally, indexed vector search is especially important for real-time AI development. The newly added CDC capabilities aim to assist organizations in managing the cost and complexity of moving data in and out of SingleStore’s database.

Moreover, Pro Max includes features such as a free tier and a new on-demand compute service for workloads like data preparation, the general availability of SingleStore Kai to deliver faster analytics on MongoDB, and feature enhancements like Projections. SingleStore’s ongoing goal is to provide tools that enable enterprises of all sizes to operationalize data at scale.

Looking ahead, SingleStore plans to continue expanding its offerings to become a comprehensive data platform vendor like Databricks or Snowflake. This strategic move aims to position SingleStore as a key player in the growing data platform market.

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