SAP Emarsys integrates enterprise loyalty for supercharged personalisation

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Customer loyalty is of utmost importance, but brands are facing challenges in keeping up with the ever-changing expectations of consumers and managing complex technology systems.

SAP Emarsys, a customer engagement platform, and Annex Cloud, a SaaS loyalty management platform, have come together to introduce a native integration that aims to encourage customer interactions and provide personalized, loyalty-driven omnichannel experiences that enhance customer lifetime value.

The SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform executes intelligent omnichannel campaigns on a large scale to target customer segments and turn marketing strategies into revenue. Meanwhile, the Annex Cloud Loyalty Experience Platform specializes in omnichannel incentivization for transactional, social, and behavioral loyalty activities in exchange for personalized rewards, adding robust technical capabilities and richer loyalty member experiences executed by the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform.

This integrated solution manages promotions, tracks customers, scores behaviors, and delivers personalized experiences to collect richer, more relevant zero- and first-party data. Brands like Molton Brown can benefit from this seamless solution to:
– Build loyalty programs to fit unique business needs
– Track and incentivize customer actions across all channels
– Automate personalized communications to increase customer lifetime value
– Improve customer data intelligence for informed decision-making
– Continuously measure program effectiveness to optimize marketing strategies

The integrated solution is designed to go beyond simple points-based programs, offering flexible configurations, granular control, and complex earning rules. Brands can structure individualized customer journeys, launch and manage successful loyalty programs, and focus on driving revenue.

Erin Raese, SVP GTM at Annex Cloud, expressed a passionate commitment to fostering deeper relationships between brands and customers. Similarly, Sara Richter, CMO at SAP Emarsys, emphasized the partnership’s ability to empower enterprise brands to foster genuine customer loyalty through AI-driven personalization.

This collaboration enables brands of any size and complexity to access a scalable solution that addresses the evolving customer landscape, driving engagement, and sustainable growth. To learn more about the evolving landscape of cloud transformation, consider checking out the upcoming Cloud Transformation Conference, a free virtual event for business and technology leaders.

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