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By neub9
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As a senior student at the University of Michigan majoring in Data Science and Entrepreneurship, my recent internship with RudderStack focused on optimizing the system used for digital marketing campaign management. This hands-on experience allowed me to work with a cross-functional team to address complex marketing challenges.

It’s clear that digital marketing is crucial for generating revenue in modern businesses. However, the process is complex, involving various strategies, endless channels, and meticulous data tracking, storage, and utilization. During my internship, I delved into these challenges and developed solutions with RudderStack.

Our approach began with proper campaign management. We utilized a dynamic spreadsheet to centrally track campaign data, including UTM tags, and developed a UI to ensure accurate placement and validity of UTM attributes.

Once we had a management structure in place, we focused on tracking campaign performance data. Leveraging RudderStack, we extracted and paired the data with specific campaign and UTM attributes, allowing us to seamlessly send the paired data to applications such as Mixpanel, Customerio, and Attribution App for further analysis.

Overall, the experience at RudderStack was invaluable, providing me with a deeper understanding of the data-driven marketing process. As I navigate my career, I hope to use and share the insights gained during my internship. Thank you for reading!

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