Rocket Software Releases Enhanced Version of Rocket jBASE with Upgraded Security Features

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Rocket Software has announced the release of jBASE 6.1.1, which includes new security features and over 22 bug fixes.

jBASE is an integrated database and application development environment designed for transactional and analytical database applications with object-oriented features. It offers scalable, flexible, and seamless interoperability with connectivity, resulting in low overhead for easier system management and administration.

“We’re encouraging our customers to upgrade to jBASE 6.1.1 so they can gain the benefits from its new security compliance, Open SSL 3.0 support, and more including 22-plus bug fixes,” said Hunter Holmes, Rocket Software associate product manager.

Polaris, one of Rocket Software’s third-party security scan suites, has set a standard for all future jBASE releases. jBASE 6.1.1 provides improved data security and reliance, mitigating over 300 risks in accordance with the Polaris assessment metrics.

In addition to being available on various versions of Microsoft Windows and IBM AIX flavors, Rocket Software has also certified jBASE 6.1.1 on Red Hat Linux 9 with support for Open SSL 3.0. For IBM AIX, due to external licensing changes, jBASE 6.1.1 now supports Clang, a free version of the C++ compiler, as explained by Holmes.

Rocket Software prioritizes developing secure, high-quality software. The company is committed to meeting top standards in these categories and its software adheres to standards set by leading software scans such as Synopsys Black Duck, Polaris, and VeraCode with each release.

Rocket Software acquired the Zumasys product portfolio on Oct 14, 2021. And starting with the jBASE 5.8.6 release, the Rocket Software MultiValue R&D team integrated these scans into the release process. Any release prior to 5.8.6 does not meet the same security and quality practices as Rocket Software’s standards.

Rocket Software hosts a free jBASE forum where users can collaborate with other users and Rocket engineers.

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