Red Hat Expands Java Support in the Cloud

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Red Hat, Inc., a leading provider of open source solutions, has announced the release of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) 8. This new version introduces security enhancements, improved cloud workflow tools, and compatibility with Jakarta EE 10, all aimed at simplifying application modernization for customers and providing continued support for enterprise Java application development.

JBoss EAP is designed for the flexibility of the open hybrid cloud, featuring a modular architecture that starts services only when required. Its low memory footprint and fast startup times make it an ideal solution for environments where efficient resource utilization is a priority, such as Red Hat OpenShift.

Building upon the cloud-native capabilities of Red Hat JBoss EAP 7, JBoss EAP 8 aims to improve developer productivity, reduce operational overhead, and ease the path towards modernization. Some of the key advancements in this release include:

  • Jakarta EE 10 support, enabling customers to benefit from the latest Jakarta EE APIs and extend the life cycle of their enterprise Java applications.
  • Improved provisioning tools for managing and optimizing the deployment of Jakarta EE applications on various targets, including bare metal, virtual machines, cloud, and Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Security enhancements, including native support for OpenID Connect and the removal of legacy security frameworks, making it easier to integrate JBoss EAP with OpenID Connect compliant platforms.

According to the Eclipse Foundation’s 2023 Jakarta EE Developer Survey, there is a growing trend of companies using certified Jakarta EE platforms to run business critical applications.

JBoss EAP 8 enables customers to extend the product life cycle for these applications, offering a simplified migration path from earlier releases or other Jakarta EE platforms. This also allows customers to take full advantage of cloud-native platforms like Red Hat OpenShift while continuing to receive support for their applications.

“Application modernization continues to be a top priority for customers. Red Hat JBoss EAP 8 delivers enhancements that provide upgraded security integration and reduce operational overhead, enabling customers to not only extend the product life cycle for modern applications, but to take advantage of cloud native platforms that provide a connected foundation for applications to run seamlessly across environments,” said Joe Fernandes, vice president and GM, hybrid cloud platforms, Red Hat

Red Hat JBoss EAP 8 is now generally available. For more information about this news, visit

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