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Title: Revolutionizing Flink SQL Project Development with Cloudera’s SQL Stream Builder

In today’s business landscape, modernization projects are key to enhancing data and application infrastructure’s agility and dynamism. For instance, organizations are breaking down monolithic apps into microservices architectures and modularized data products to facilitate rapid iterative cycles of design, build, test, and deployment of innovative solutions. This speed is particularly advantageous when it comes to data apps, as they execute business processes more efficiently and enhance organizational learning and improvement.

Cloudera’s SQL Stream Builder (SSB) streamlines this development process by managing data sources, virtual tables, connectors, and other resources, enabling non-technical domain experts to quickly run versions of their queries. The latest 1.9 release of Cloudera’s SQL Stream Builder on CDP Public Cloud 7.2.16 and in the Community Edition introduces a completely redesigned workflow, organizing all resources into Projects. This release also includes a new synchronization feature, which allows users to track project versions by importing and exporting them to a Git repository. Additionally, the introduction of Environments allows users to export only the generic, reusable parts of code and resources while managing environment-specific configuration separately.

With Cloudera’s SQL Stream Builder, organizations can decouple the development of business/event logic from other aspects of application development, thereby empowering domain experts and accelerating the development of real-time data apps.

Projects in SSB provide a way to group resources required for specific tasks, enabling collaboration with other users. Each project may include data sources, virtual tables, user-defined functions, and various Flink SQL jobs. Collaborators can manage these resources and jobs within the project, while also being able to work on other projects simultaneously.

Furthermore, SSB allows for synchronization of projects to a Git repository, enabling versioning and robust traceability. Environments, on the other hand, provide project-specific sets of configuration that can be used for substitutions into templates. These environment files are independent from the repository, as a project may require different environment configurations depending on the cluster it is imported to.

The new capabilities of Cloudera’s SQL Stream Builder, supported by Environments and new APIs, allow users to build automated workflows to promote projects through various environments, ultimately streamlining the development and deployment process.

In conclusion, the latest Project-related features in Cloudera’s SQL Stream Builder are revolutionizing Flink SQL project development by providing better organization, cleaner views of resources, robust versioning capabilities, and enhanced automation. With these new capabilities, organizations can accelerate the development and deployment of real-time data apps, promoting agility and innovation.

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