PhoebeSM’s Diary | 43rd from Gillham Park to Indiana

By neub9
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Over the weekend, I took on the task of mapping the section of 43rd St in KC east of Gillham. On Saturday, I covered the stretch from Gillham to just past 71, and on Sunday, I went further east to Indiana.

One notable observation I made was regarding pedestrian safety. The crossings on either side of Gillham Park are quite challenging. There are limited options for safely crossing the road with traffic, especially for pedestrians and bikers. As a precaution, I always wear bright dae-glo jackets when engaging in outdoor activities in KC, which I like to call my protective coloring.

While mapping this area, I didn’t come across much other than homes. I did, however, come across a few benches and a locked bookcase near the bridge over Highway 71. It seems that these amenities are no longer being maintained, possibly due to their association with a nearby defunct church. During my excursion, I also took photos of various tags on the bridge and the view of the highway from above, which, although interesting to me, may not be directly related to mapping. Additionally, I photographed some graffiti on the walls, but none of them seemed to qualify as murals.

On Sunday, I was joined by my mom, who bravely attempted to keep up with the uphill and downhill walking. However, she became exhausted sooner than expected, prompting us to cut our journey short. Our mapping efforts gained momentum around Indiana St, where we stumbled upon a small strip mall housing a convenience store and a hairdresser. I demonstrated to my mom how I map out the amenities around the area, such as trash cans, standing ashtrays, compressed air machines, and vacuum units. Despite her fatigue, my mom encouraged me to map the UHaul pickup/drop-off location as well. On our way back to our starting point, we came across a roadside memorial for someone who passed away in an accident. I was unsure of how to map this, as it didn’t fit the typical “cross” category and instead seemed to be centered around a solar light. I welcome any advice on the best way to tag this memorial.

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