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By neub9
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Limited Supermarket Access areas from the 2023 Reinvestment Fund Limited Supermarket Access Analysis have been incorporated into PolicyMap. The data spans three time periods – 2013, 2017, and 2022. This information is available to all users on PolicyMap. It should be noted that this data replaces the former LSA and Rural LSA data previously available on PolicyMap.

The IMLS Libraries locations have been updated with the latest 2021 data. Please be aware that this update includes 2020-2021 data, so the annual weeks open field may be lower than usual due to COVID closures. Additionally, new indicators related to library programming and the ratio of Wi-Fi sessions to visits have been added to the information bubble.

Home Sale Quarterly data for 2023 Q3 has been refreshed. This dataset provides insights into the most recent trends in the housing market, such as median sale prices, the number of sales, and the percentage change in housing prices by zip codes.

The BLS LAU monthly data has been updated on PolicyMap to include the month of September 2023. This information is available to all subscribers.

NMTC Eligibility status has been updated on PolicyMap to reflect 2016-2020 ACS data. The NMTC status includes other tract-level status indicators, such as Severe Distress, OMB non-metropolitan status, and poverty and unemployment indicators.

We are committed to providing curated, cleaned, standardized, and consistently updated data. We are also posting real-time updates on our website and X (formerly known as Twitter).

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