New Mapping Technology Shows Carbon Stored in Britain’s Hedgerows

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New geospatial mapping technology is now being used to calculate the carbon storage benefit of the hedgerows in Great Britain and Ireland from aerial views.

The vital role of the nation’s hedgerows in enhancing biodiversity and promoting carbon sequestration has gained increased attention recently.

In addition to providing wildlife habitats, hedgerows play a significant role in carbon capture and flood prevention.

Bluesky International has developed a new geospatial data layer that allows users to estimate the carbon storage capacity of hedgerows.

As a leading aerial survey company in the UK, based in Leicestershire, Bluesky has been mapping trees in Great Britain and Ireland for over a decade.

In response to the growing demand for accurate data to support regeneration and hedge planting initiatives, Bluesky has expanded its expertise to include the National Hedgerow Map (NHM).


The NHM offers a unique capability to calculate the carbon storage capacity of hedgerows, thanks to Bluesky’s technology providing volumetric data.

This dataset includes location, height, volume, vegetation extent, and the centerline of all vegetation under three meters, when combined with data from Bluesky’s National Tree Map, ecologists, conservationists, and planners gain a comprehensive overview of vegetation in Great Britain and Ireland.

Ralph Coleman, Chief Commercial Officer at Bluesky, commented: “Expanding our scope to include hedgerows was a natural progression from our National Tree Map, as hedgerows have seen a significant decline over the years, impacting biodiversity levels.”

“The NHM allows for desktop analysis of hedgerows and, when used with the NTM, provides a complete vegetation assessment without the need for costly site visits.”

The data from NHM has various applications beyond hedgerow monitoring, including flood risk mitigation, planning wildlife corridors, monitoring habitats, biodiversity net gain planning, carbon storage calculations, hedgerow creation and restoration projects, and noise mitigation.

Bluesky developed NHM using high-resolution national aerial photography, accurate terrain and surface data, and the NDVI vegetation index.

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