New Accreditations for Cloudera Partners

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When the redesigned partner program Cloudera Partner Network (CPN) was announced last year, the goal was to build a more comprehensive approach for partners to guide their customers in adopting modern data strategies based on the Cloudera hybrid data platform. The program helps partners expedite their go-to-market strategy, provides industry-leading incentives and promotions, and aligns with partner business and sales models.

That goal remains unchanged and has now led to the release of new sales, technical, and industry accreditations.

The new accreditations validate a partner’s proficiency in the value of Cloudera products and solutions, and enable partners to build their knowledge, position, and solution customer use cases effectively. The accreditations offer partners the opportunity to develop foundational enterprise data skills, build credibility with customers and peers, and earn points toward Cloudera Partner Network (CPN) membership and benefits.

Sales Accreditation

The new sales accreditation enables partner sales professionals to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the value of the Cloudera Data Platform and their ability to position it as a solution for enterprise Data Management business challenges.

Technical Accreditation Track

The technical accreditations validate a technical professional’s knowledge and understanding of the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) and follow a tiered approach that progresses from foundational to advanced content rigor and assessment.

Cloudera Industry Accreditations

In addition to the foundational accreditations for sales and technical professionals, industry accreditations deepen a partner’s knowledge in industry verticals like telecommunications, financial services, and manufacturing. Accreditations for insurance, retail, and healthcare will be added later. The accreditations are free of charge for Cloudera partners and are valid for two years, and are badged by Credly.*

For more details about the new accreditations, partners can visit the Partner Portal.

Customers and partners can also access additional coursework through the Cloudera Partner Academy, which offers e-learning for both business and technical audiences.

*Credly is an industry-recognized credentialing platform.

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