Managing AI risks and legal implications, effective cybersecurity, ensuring privacy and the integrity of organizational records

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In today’s rapidly evolving world of generative AI and fast-paced technology, companies face a myriad of considerations to maintain operational effectiveness and minimize risk. To address these challenges, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada hosted its 2023 technology, privacy, and cybersecurity virtual summit, gathering leading lawyers and industry experts to explore the latest developments in these fields. Below is a summary of the key themes and takeaways from the summit.

Session 1 – Artificial Intelligence
Part 1 featured a fireside chat with Marcus Brown, President of Theia Markerless, and Imran Ahmad, discussing the history and future of AI, as well as guidance for CEOs on navigating the regulatory environment. Legal challenges in implementing AI were examined, and strategies for addressing them were discussed.

Part 2 focused on minimizing legal risks associated with AI, with Norton Rose Fulbright’s Jesse Beatson leading a discussion with industry experts Maya Medeiros, Justine Gauthier, and Handol Kim. The session covered technical definitions of AI, legal risks, and managing AI-related risks during and after project deployment.

Session 2 – Regulatory update
This panel, featuring Andrea L. D’Ambra, Sara A. Levine, and Al Hounsell, emphasized the importance of effectively managing organization records from a regulatory perspective. They highlighted the significance of data mapping and retention, emphasizing compliance with data protection laws and tailoring retention policies to specific organizational needs.

Session 3 – Compliance in practice (in French)
Panelists discussed new legislative additions to protect personal information in Quebec and globally, emphasizing the importance of adapting to evolving privacy requirements. They explored the practical implementation of compliance plans by companies, focusing on updating policies and ensuring compliance with third-party obligations.

Session 4 – Managing cybersecurity risks
The panel, including Olga Farman, John Cassell, and Marc Lafrance, delved into the role of boards of directors in cybersecurity risk prevention and incident response. Recommendations included board education on cybersecurity risks, preparation for cyber incidents, and clear communication with stakeholders.

The summit sessions are available on-demand, with downloadable presentation materials and resources for each session. Both English and French closed captions are available. Special thanks to Julia Kafato and Emma March, articling students, for their assistance in preparing this update.

For more information, visit: [link to the summit website].

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