L'expérience de mon passage au Cameroun, Yaoundé Au State of Map2023

By neub9
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Hello everyone, my name is Marianna MUKULUNGA, OSM contributor and part of the Open Street Map RDC community. I have a degree in Computer Management and I am passionate about Cartography…

The conference that took place in Cameroon aimed to bring together different groups of young people and cartography enthusiasts. Participating in it allowed us to broaden our horizons, think big, and not limit ourselves. We learned new methods of cartography, different presentations that left an impact on us. Personally, the presentation that interested me the most was “Women-centered disaster resilience in Saloum islands” by MARIE MAKUATE. She showed us how women play a very important role in disaster resilience in the Saloum islands. I quickly realized that apart from the health mapping we do at home with different types of communities including women, women also have other roles they can play in cartography. This new knowledge opened my mind to what I can undertake in the future in my country.

The debate by CHARLES CHILUFYA on “Bridging Gender Gaps in OSM” was important as it evaluated the percentage of women in OSM and potential solutions to increase women’s involvement in OSM.

BAFAMODEI HOPEFUL’s presentation on “Campaigning and Engaging Girls and Women Towards positive change using Open Mapping Tech in Nigeria” showed that open mapping is a means by which positive change can be achieved for girls and women in Nigeria, who have long been marginalized in the community.

Overall, each presentation was exceptionally interesting, and every debate taught us something new. However, what interested me the most were the themes focused on women, as my passion is to work with as many women as possible.

My vision with cartography is to have 60% women alongside 40% men in any domain, whether it’s forestry, road, health, or resilience cartography… Being selected as a travel scholarship recipient from hub_esa was like a dream for me because initially, the mapping campaign I did with Everydoor, I did it without expecting anything in return.

I took on the mapping challenge with Everydoor because I consider cartography my passion, it is like water that I drink every day. Therefore, I continue to express my gratitude to hub_ESA because it not only offered me a travel scholarship; it also opened the door to a new world of cartography that I will capitalize on throughout my journey.

Marianna MUKULUNGA- Presentation on “The Involvement of Women in Community Cartography.”

Since returning from CAMEROON (Mbankomo), I no longer think the same. From the experiences of others, I want to approach my cartography in a different way. I will now consider new methods, of course, cartography while involving rural women, depending on the context but with more objectives. If it’s mapping health or administrative boundaries, if it’s a locally organized campaign or mapathon, we will not only have solved the problem of limits in X or Y village but we will have already given hope to a rural or urban woman that she is capable of doing anything, and why not intervene in empowering these women.

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