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RudderStack integration with Databricks has become more convenient for Databricks users. You can now easily launch a RudderStack workspace directly from Databricks Partner Connect. Through Partner Connect, RudderStack will automatically establish a destination connection to your Databricks Delta Lake using a configuration provided by Databricks, enabling you to take advantage of the combined benefits of the lakehouse and the Lakehouse Native CDP.

Databricks offers a cost-efficient, infinitely scalable storage layer for all data formats, making its lakehouse architecture ideally suited for managing customer data. On the other hand, RudderStack provides the necessary pipelines and tools for collecting, unifying, and activating customer data.

RudderStack + Databricks

By combining RudderStack and Databricks, you can extend the impact of your lakehouse and deliver value throughout the entire data activation lifecycle.

With our Event Stream and ETL pipelines, you can easily transfer clean data from every source to Databricks. We offer support for Unity Catalog for Azure users. Once all your customer data is centralized in your lakehouse, you can use Profiles to automate identity resolution and build your Customer 360, which can be activated with Reverse ETL or in real-time through our activation API.

RudderStack provides powerful, flexible features such as in-flight Transformations and data governance to give you control of your customer data, ensuring trustworthy data delivery from your lakehouse to all downstream tools and teams. With Databricks and RudderStack, you can gain deeper insights and efficiently create powerful AI/ML models to support various use cases for marketing, product development, and other departments in your organization.

Get started

Setting up RudderStack through Databricks Partner Connect just requires a Databricks account and a RudderStack account. If you don’t have a RudderStack account yet, you can sign up for a free trial. Once you have both accounts, sign in to your Databricks portal, click Partner Connect in the left sidebar, and follow the prompts to get started. For more details, refer to our documentation.

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