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How RudderStack’s Latest JavaScript SDK Improves Website Performance

Most businesses invest significant time and money in developing their websites for a reason. Websites are the primary way modern consumers interact with and form relationships with businesses. This puts engineering teams under pressure to ensure optimal website performance at all times.

To address the performance challenges, we are excited to announce the latest version of our RudderStack JavaScript SDK. Here’s what you can expect from the new version:

Boosted Page Speed

Page speed significantly impacts user experience and the first impression on potential customers. Our new SDK optimizes performance to enhance user experience, including faster rendering, interaction, DNS lookups, and reduced memory usage.

In addition to improving site performance, the latest JavaScript SDK allows for seamless collection of customer data for various tools without compromising speed.

Our performance monitoring benchmarks indicated almost a 3x improvement with significant load time reduction and JavaScript penalties by ⅔ in many cases, making already high-performing setups like static HTML sites even faster.

Developer Experience

Our JavaScript SDK simplifies the process of capturing event data in JSON format and sending it to any destination, eliminating the need for implementing a new API every time. It supports a variety of API calls and can run on websites and web apps, capturing user data at various touchpoints.

Developers can also filter selective destinations to send event data, with support for over 150 destinations, offering a live viewer for effective troubleshooting.

Context and Traits in RudderStack

RudderStack provides developers with the option to automatically capture event-specific and user-specific data, based on the type of the event, for better context and traits. This simplifies the process of linking user information from previous calls to track events.

Querystring API

Using RudderStack’s Querystring API, it’s possible to trigger track and identify calls using query parameters, providing more flexibility in data tracking and capture.

Detecting Ad-blocked Pages

The new JavaScript SDK also allows for easy identification of ad-blocked pages, enabling more in-depth analysis and optimization.

Sign Up for Free and Install Our JavaScript SDK

To integrate the RudderStack JavaScript SDK with your website, you can choose from minified or non-minified versions of the code snippet and place it in the <head> section of your website. We also offer a NPM model for direct packaging. For more information, refer to our version migration guide and sign up for our free trial today.

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