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We are thrilled to announce the launch of QuickStart Packages and an expanded partnership with our four Featured QuickStart Partners. Our customers have seen remarkable growth in recent years, and those with a clearly defined data strategy across multiple business units have made the most progress on their Data Maturity Journey. This trend is even more significant among customers who work with a RudderStack Solutions partner, leading them to enjoy better business outcomes and a higher return on investment across their whole data stack.

QuickStart Packages are optional add-ons for our customers that offer a fixed number of consulting hours directly from our partners at a pre-set cost. These hours are focused on key deliverables to help customers achieve the highest possible ROI from their data strategy. There are three levels of QuickStart Packages with engagement timelines ranging from 4 to 10 weeks, tailored to different needs and existing data infrastructure.

Our four Featured QuickStart Partners have been carefully selected due to their broad industry expertise, mutual customer overlap, and deep technical knowledge of RudderStack and other key technologies. They have all completed RudderStack’s Certification and Training Program and have worked side by side with RudderStack’s Customer Success team on previous engagements.

Additionally, we have launched the RudderStack Solutions Partner Directory, which provides more information on these partners, along with the rest of our Solutions Partners. This directory is available alongside RudderStack’s Technology Partner Directory.

Each of our Featured QuickStart Partners brings unique expertise to the table:
1. Brooklyn Data: Provides technical skills, experience, and leadership to deliver best-in-class data capabilities.
2. Mammoth Growth: World leader in growth-oriented analytics consulting, leveraging data to drive business growth.
3. BlastX Consulting: Assembles a seasoned team of consultants with deep expertise and experience across a wide array of strategic, technical, and operational disciplines.
4. Massive Rocket: Partners with leading technology solution providers to bring best-in-class solutions to clients, driving true business transformation and demonstrable value.

QuickStart Packages are now available to new and existing RudderStack customers. Contact our sales team or directly with our Solutions Partners to add a QuickStart Package to your RudderStack engagement today.

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