Intelligent…Artificial Intelligence?

By neub9
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Dr. Argyro (Iro) Tasitsiomi, the Head of Investments Data Science at T. Rowe Price, explores the capabilities and limitations of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). While these models have generated excitement, there are important considerations to weigh regarding their effectiveness in handling novel challenges and potential risks. Tasitsiomi explains that the “perfect” model that fits exactly to the data is not necessarily the best, as it may lead to overfitting and an inability to handle new data.

The same principles of model fitting to data apply to LLMs, which have powerful compression abilities yet may suffer from overfitting due to their large number of parameters. Furthermore, the sheer size of LLMs allows them to “memorize” vast amounts of information, leading to the question of whether true intelligence can emerge from these enormous models.

The important takeaways from Tasitsiomi’s exploration are that LLMs are impressive in their scope and abilities, but users must understand their potential limitations and balance their reliance on AI-generated information. Ultimately, the possibility of true intelligence emerging from LLMs remains an intriguing topic for further discussion.

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