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WaveDirect is a leading provider of high speed internet and TV services in the greater Ontario, Canada region, serving thousands of satisfied customers. Over the past 17 years, WaveDirect has experienced steady growth, largely due to positive word of mouth from homeowners and businesses. This strong customer relationship prompted WaveDirect to focus on improving their communication channels. However, their existing tech infrastructure presented challenges, leading them to enlist the expertise of Kevin Gervais and his team from Touchless to address data interface design issues.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of their data interface design strategy, you can watch Kevin explain the team’s approach in this technical session.

The communication challenges faced by WaveDirect’s customers revealed a larger issue: a lack of clear insight into the full customer lifecycle and the effectiveness of marketing efforts in engaging and retaining long-term customers. Ultimately, the root cause of this was identified as a data problem.

WaveDirect’s core systems for customer data were found to be limiting the organization due to their inflexibility and severe restrictions on data storage. This led to fragmented and duplicated customer records, with over 50% being incorrect or dirty. The legacy system and fragmented data also hindered the Marketing and Customer Onboarding teams, making it difficult to measure campaign success and causing delays in the onboarding process.

The solution did not begin with replacing the legacy system; instead, it involved meticulously mapping out the data needs of each department to ensure compatibility and quality. The team then focused on designing a data flow, which informed the refinement of the marketing and sales workflow and the collection of necessary data points. This led to the creation of their Universal Data Model, providing a schema for data collection across all sources and destinations.

The team’s focus on data interface design extended to the front-end of the marketing process and the redesign of their website, ensuring a smooth flow of data from form submissions to user journey flows and identity resolution.

By implementing RudderStack at the core of their tech stack, WaveDirect was able to future-proof their data infrastructure and see immediate improvements in their Google page experience score and page rank position. As a result of their data-first approach, WaveDirect saw a 60% increase in in-market website traffic, a 400% increase in in-market lead volume, and significant improvements in onboarding new customers.

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