How To Drop a Pin in Google Maps

By neub9
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Google Maps relies heavily on pins, so much so that it uses one for its app icon. These virtual landmarks are meant to aid in navigation, helping users find their destinations, as well as shops, bars, restaurants, and other notable places. However, the sheer number of options available in both the mobile and desktop interfaces for placing pins can be overwhelming.

To create a permanent pin for your business on Google Maps, you’ll need to first register a Business Profile with Google and provide some key details about your business. To drop a temporary pin on Google Maps, simply click once on desktop or press and hold on mobile. This will bring up an information card with the option to add an address, access Street View imagery, get directions, and more.

If you need something more permanent, there are a couple of options for fixing a pin on Google Maps. You can save the pin to one of your lists of places, add a label to give it a name, or even share your location with others by tapping the blue dot representing your location in the mobile app.

Overall, the option to drop pins on Google Maps offers various functionalities for users to navigate and share locations effectively.

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