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Customer Success

Empower Customer Success with a Unified Customer 360

Knowledge is power, and in the realm of customer success, having a deep understanding of our accounts at both the portfolio and individual levels is crucial. The more we know about our accounts, the more effectively we can drive retention and expansion. As a CS leader, you have a wealth of customer data at your fingertips, but it is often scattered across multiple tools, making it difficult to turn this data into actionable knowledge.

Before we implemented a customer 360, we faced challenges in finding and consolidating relevant customer data. With disparate sources like Salesforce, Gainsight, Slack, and our product database, it was a time-consuming and tedious process to access essential customer insights. We had no quick way to identify low-adoption customers or pinpoint potential churn risks.

Following the implementation of a customer 360 with RudderStack Profiles, our customer success function underwent a remarkable transformation. Our unified table within Snowflake, visualized through user-friendly dashboards, provided a comprehensive view of customer health and engagement. The addition of a product health score became a game changer, allowing us to effectively evaluate customer usage and engagement.

The Power of a Unified Customer 360

With RudderStack Profiles, we integrated various customer data points into a single table, enabling us to gain insights on product usage, contractual information, and customer support requirements. Our product health score, derived from a combination of relevant metrics, allows us to assess and prioritize customer engagement efforts. This comprehensive view has become an indispensable tool for our customer success team, guiding our day-to-day operations and strategies.

Creating Customer Success Superpowers

Operationalizing the data from our customer 360 allowed us to optimize our customer success function around three primary goals: time to go-live, customer health, and tickets. By leveraging specific views tailored to each goal, our team is equipped with actionable insights to drive impactful outcomes. For instance, the “Days to Go Live” view provides transparency into onboarding timelines and allows us to proactively address customer needs.


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