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Improving the Data and Marketing Relationship with RudderStack

The relationship between data and marketing teams has improved significantly. Marketers are becoming more technical and are now able to collaborate more effectively with developers. At the same time, the tooling available to engineers has also greatly improved.

RudderStack is a versatile tool that plays a significant role in eliminating pain points in marketing projects from a data perspective. It is designed to streamline the infrastructure from the data layer and provide marketers with the data they need in the tools they prefer.

Here is an overview of how RudderStack supports marketing from the data layer:

Step 1: Consolidate and standardize 1st-party data collection

One of the main challenges marketing faces is inconsistent first-party data. Different tools often produce different versions of the truth, leading to discrepancies in data across various marketing/sales platforms. This is where RudderStack’s SDKs play a crucial role. With RudderStack, tracking only needs to be instrumented once, and the JSON payloads follow standardized schemas, providing a simplified and streamlined workflow for developers.

Step 2: Remove integrations work from the equation

RudderStack eliminates the need for tedious integration work by automatically sending standardized events to all destinations in your stack, including marketing tools. This means that no custom API work is required, making the process more efficient for developers.

Step 3: Streamline client and server-side conversion management for ad platforms

RudderStack allows existing events to be sent directly to ad platforms as conversions, both on the client-side and server-side. This simplifies the process of sending conversions to paid ad platforms without requiring custom code or complex sequencing. It’s a significant time saver for developers.

Step 4: Customize and fix destination integrations on the fly with Transformations RudderStack

Transformations, a feature of RudderStack, allows for real-time customization and fixes of destination integrations. This flexibility helps to adapt to marketing’s changing needs as experiments are carried out and requirements evolve. The JavaScript-based Transformations feature provides endless opportunities for customization and refinement.

Once the foundational data plumbing work is complete, development teams can begin collaborating with marketing on more impactful projects that can significantly benefit the company.

With RudderStack, teams can enrich data from the warehouse and push it to marketing tools, send audiences and cohorts directly to ad platforms, and enable more advanced marketing automation. This gives companies a competitive advantage in the market and opens up opportunities for new and innovative marketing strategies.

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