How Air Liquide Harnesses AI for a Decarbonized Future

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Lucy Chen, Group Manager, R&D, Computational & Data Science at Air Liquide

Lucy Chen, Group Manager, R&D, Computational & Data Science at Air Liquide

Air Liquide has embedded sustainability into its strategic plan ADVANCE, taking concrete steps to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. They are dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions, with a 33% reduction goal by 2035 compared to 2020. The company is using digital technologies to support its sustainability objectives and drive a decarbonized future. Utilizing digital technologies can contribute to significant reductions in emissions and energy consumption. Air Liquide is leveraging AI and big data analytics to enhance operational excellence and energy efficiency. This includes the Smart Innovative Operations (SIO) initiative, which uses AI to control production units globally, leading to improved performance and reduced emissions. The company is also investing in low-carbon gas production hubs and using AI for prediction and optimization in operations. Logistics are another focus area for Air Liquide, with the Integrated Bulk Operations (IBO) program integrating AI into supply chain digitization efforts to reduce emissions. Additionally, the company is promoting responsible digital practices and shifting to cloud computing solutions to reduce its IT footprint. Air Liquide’s integration of data and AI into its operations is laying the groundwork for more sustainable industrial processes. The company is committed to tangible, impactful environmental stewardship and efficient, sustainable operations.

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