Global: Review of the UN AI Advisory body interim report on Global AI governance

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In Brief

Released on 23 December 2023, the interim report from the United Nations Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence marks a significant progression in the global discourse on AI governance. The collaborative effort of experts from various sectors calls for a robust global framework to regulate AI, highlighting the urgency and complexity of addressing AI’s rapidly evolving landscape.


  1. Key Highlights
  2. Principles and functions for a global AI governance framework
  3. Conclusion and future steps

Global AI governance: A critical imperative:

The report emphasizes the necessity of a global approach to AI governance, transcending national efforts like the EU’s AI Act or the US Executive Order on AI. It suggests a framework that unites diverse international perspectives, ensuring that no region or sector is left behind.

Risks and opportunities in the AI landscape:

  • Opportunities: AI presents enormous opportunities for growth and innovation, especially in key sectors like healthcare and agriculture. However, the report highlights a stark contrast in the Global South’s capacity to leverage these benefits, emphasizing the need for inclusive governance that enables all countries to harness AI’s potential.
  • Risks: The report uniquely frames AI risks, shifting focus from technical risks to broader vulnerabilities affecting society at large. These include the reinforcement of biases and challenges in regulatory frameworks keeping pace with AI’s advancement.

The report proposes underlying principles and functions essential for an effective global framework, including inclusive governance, public interest, data governance alignment, universal collaboration, and anchoring in international commitments.

The report also outlines critical functions for a global AI governance regime, ranging from scientific assessment to peer review mechanisms, ensuring transparency and accountability in AI governance.

The UN AI Advisory Body’s interim report is a clarion call for inclusive and forward-thinking global governance of AI, providing a foundational blueprint for its responsible and ethical management.

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