Genesys acquires Radarr Technologies to unify customer experience

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Genesys, a global leader in AI-powered customer experience orchestration through cloud technology, has announced its plans to acquire Radarr Technologies – a company specializing in AI-based social and digital listening, analytics, and consumer engagement.

By integrating the robust public social media capabilities of Radarr Technologies into the Genesys Cloud platform, organizations will be able to provide a unified and proactive customer experience. This will enable them to build lasting loyalty among consumers in the AI-driven economy.

The acquisition is anticipated to close in the first quarter of fiscal year 2025, and once completed, Genesys will leverage Radarr Technologies’ social media insights to enhance its AI capabilities and provide a comprehensive view of customer sentiments across all touchpoints.

Tony Bates, Genesys CEO and chairman, emphasized the increasing importance of social media platforms as crucial customer engagement channels, stating that, “Genesys can accelerate its transformation of the CX industry by helping organizations further connect every touchpoint into the end-to-end customer experience.”

Currently, most organizations rely on disconnected point solutions to manage their social media presence, resulting in fractured customer experiences and missed business opportunities. By integrating Radarr Technologies into Genesys Cloud, customers will have direct access to conversation streams from public social media platforms, allowing them to develop loyalty-building conversations.

The combined offerings will also empower customer service agents, giving them context and tools needed to engage with customers across various social channels. Additionally, the AI-powered Multilingual Sentiment Models will enhance natural language processing, enabling organizations to deliver personalized experiences at scale.

Sheila McGee-Smith, president of McGee-Smith Analytics, praised the move, stating that it positions Genesys to provide a more holistic understanding of consumer behavior and sentiment, and to take action through enhanced personalization and engagement.

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