From Data to Tech, Collaboration to Spark Innovation

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Interoperability is the key to driving innovation, and the space sector is no exception. Lt. Gen Gurmit Singh, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd), Hon. Governor of Uttarakhand, emphasized this in his inaugural speech on the second day of DefSat 2024.

The session underscored the importance of collaboration between space and defense, as well as the role of space in people’s daily lives.

The Power of Collaboration

“We need to integrate, share, and increase collaboration. That’s where real change happens. We have to collaborate in data, communication, information, and other technologies,” emphasized Lt. Gen Gurmit Singh.

“The focus on technology, R&D, and startup innovation has become part of our identity now.”

Discussing the recently presented budget by the Indian government, he stressed the importance of allocation for technology and innovation.

“The path of AI, semiconductors, 5G, and space communication is definitely reshaping our mission, vision, and roadmap,” he emphasized.

“Looking at food security, clean energy, health, education, and infrastructure, I believe space will help balance all these areas only if we integrate it.”

Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure

Dr. Samir V Kamat, Secretary DDR&D and Chairman DRDO, said, “We need to be prepared not only to use the cyber and space domains for warfare in our conventional domains, but also to protect our critical infrastructure in space.”

He further explained the dual challenge, stating that the importance of space for communication in network-centric warfare is becoming increasingly common for navigation, providing ISR, and early warning for hypersonic and ballistic missiles. He also highlighted the introduction of the New Space Policy by the government, leading to a surge of startups in the domain, which need to be leveraged for defense technologies.

He also spoke about DRDO’s technology development fund, which focuses on startups.

“One of the startups funded by us, Bellatrix Aerospace, recently demonstrated a green propulsion system in the PSLV 58, which was launched recently,” he said.

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