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Trino is a rapidly growing open-source analytics project. You can now effortlessly synchronize any data accessible with Trino to every tool in your customer data stack.

Trino is quickly emerging as the preferred enterprise engine for low latency, ad hoc queries. Its source-agnostic architecture enables federated queries on large data volumes across multiple sources, representing a future where enterprises can analyze big data across disparate systems with a single, high-performance query engine. At RudderStack, we’re witnessing a growing number of customers adopting Trino every day.

To support this future, our Reverse ETL source connections are expanding beyond data warehouses and data lakes with our new Trino Reverse ETL source integration. This integration supports warehouse-based diffing, making it the most performant Reverse ETL solution for Trino.

“Trino is the platform for our Data Warehouse. So this is pretty fundamental to us going forward.”

—Adam Slader, Director of Data Analytics at Blacklane

The most advanced Trino Reverse ETL solution

RudderStack now provides best-in-class support for your customer data analytics and activation workflow if you use Trino. Our warehouse destination integrations make it easy to get customer behavioral data into every system, and our Trino Reverse ETL integration enables you to sync your data from Trino to over 200 destinations for better business outcomes.

Key integration features

Our Trino Reverse ETL integration is the most advanced solution available, with a robust set of features:

  • Warehouse-based diffing – Our integration supports change data capture (CDC) directly in your warehouse, making it more performant and reliable compared to other Trino Reverse ETL solutions.
  • Models – With RudderStack and Trino, you can create custom SQL queries for building data models. Execute these queries using Trino via RudderStack and seamlessly deliver your data to your downstream business tools.
  • Audiences: Our audiences feature empowers non-technical users to build basic audiences using an intuitive user interface, enabling your data team to set up self-serve workflows for business teams.

“Expanding our Reverse ETL offering to include Trino as a source demonstrates our continued commitment to building for today while simultaneously building for the future”

—Amy Ng, Director of Product at RudderStack

Get started

You can start sending data from Trino to your entire customer data stack in just a few steps with RudderStack:

  1. Configure Trino to enable the RudderStack connection
  2. Create a new Trino source in RudderStack
  3. Configure the source and verify your connection
  4. Schedule your syncs
  5. Specify which data to import using JSON or our visual data mapper
  6. Start syncing your data!

Check out the Trino Reverse ETL source docs and request a demo with our team today to learn more.

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