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At RudderStack, we are big fans of Sprig, and so are many of our customers. This user insights platform helps you enhance your product development process by simplifying the collection of targeted insights from your ideal users, directly within your product. Sprig features surveys and replays that allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the user experience from your customer’s point of view and uncover their thoughts and perspectives.

Sprig’s in-product surveys are truly exceptional. They are easy to integrate, offer a seamless experience, and enable you to gather valuable insights from your users’ live interactions. Now, by combining RudderStack and Sprig, you can achieve even more by ensuring that you present highly targeted, context-specific surveys to the right individuals at the right time.

Gain Insight with In-Product Surveys

While RudderStack provides detailed behavioral data about user interactions on your website or app, understanding the “why” behind user actions is equally crucial for product development. Qualitative user insights are essential for uncovering these reasons, but traditional methods for gathering them are time-consuming and challenging to scale.

In-product surveys provide a solution to this challenge, enabling you to generate specific insights from users at scale. Moreover, since users complete these surveys in real time while using your product, they are not influenced by recall bias. However, implementing in-product surveys comes with risks, as they can disrupt the user experience if not implemented seamlessly. Additionally, context is crucial for making the most of in-product survey responses.

To fully leverage in-product surveys, you need a seamless way to target the right users at the right time. This is where RudderStack and Sprig can make a difference.

The Power of RudderStack & Sprig Together

With our Sprig integration, you can finally gain comprehensive insights into your user experience. Sprig’s seamless delivery of surveys within your product flow, combined with rich context from RudderStack, enables you to target each survey to the most relevant and helpful users. Learn more about Sprig’s Surveys product.

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