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Managing customer data quality across multiple sources and destinations can be a complex and challenging task. While tracking plans can help catch erroneous data, they do not provide a comprehensive view of the overall system health. As organizations manage increasingly intricate infrastructure, there is a need for a centralized platform to monitor trends in data volume and violations, as well as configure thresholds for key alerts across the stack.

Our Data Quality Toolkit is designed to assist you in ensuring the quality of customer data from the source, allowing you to spend less time managing data and more time focusing on revenue generation for your business. This toolkit simplifies the process of creating shared data definitions, managing violations, and rectifying inaccurate data.

We are pleased to introduce our latest tool, the Health Dashboard, which serves as the final component of the toolkit. This dashboard provides a centralized location for monitoring data quality and managing alerts across the entire infrastructure. With the Health Dashboard, you can foster confidence in your data and make informed strategic decisions based on accurate and reliable information, from marketing campaigns to product development.

The Health Dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your event data health, providing essential metrics for event ingestion, event delivery, warehouse load, and tracking plan violations. This tool is invaluable for organizations working with complex infrastructures, providing the ability to identify and address issues proactively.

In addition to offering visibility, the Health Dashboard also includes alerting capabilities that allow for timely notifications of critical issues and the configuration of thresholds for key alerts by source and destination. Alerts can be seamlessly integrated with your preferred system via webhook, such as Slack, PagerDuty, or OpsGenie, ensuring that you are promptly notified of any issues.

Our Health Dashboard is designed to drive confidence through proactive monitoring and smart alerting, allowing you to address critical data issues before they escalate. By setting thresholds by source, you can ensure that your monitoring efforts are proportionate to the risks involved, thereby creating a more effective response system.

To see the Health Dashboard in action and learn more about our Data Quality Toolkit, request a demo with our expert team or join our webinar featuring data quality expert Chad Sanderson. Whether you are a data quality professional or looking to guarantee the quality of customer data from the source, our Health Dashboard and Data Quality Toolkit have you covered.

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