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With Transformations, you have the ability to transform your event data in real-time using custom Javascript or Python functions. It is one of our most popular features, with over 75% of our customers utilizing it. The flexibility of Transformations allows you to quickly adapt to changes, making it a highly valued tool for our customers.

“Transformations are one of RudderStack’s core differentiators. While most readily considered a tool for simple formatting, they enable much more. With the power of transformations, you can orchestrate complex actions such as real-time personalizations and FinOps management within downstream tools. The expansive scope of possibilities within transformations help make RudderStack more than just a product but a truly developer-friendly innovation.”—Badri Veeraragavan, Product Director at RudderStack

Endless Possibilities

To fully grasp how to leverage Transformations, it’s helpful to categorize use cases into a few broad categories such as data formatting and cleaning, advanced use cases, and niche use cases. We’ll explore each of these categories in detail to help you understand the various ways Transformations can add value to your data.

Standard Use Cases: Data Cleaning and Data Formatting

Data cleaning and formatting are the basic functions of Transformations, but they are essential and widely used. They enable you to ensure your data is of good quality and free of personally identifiable information (PII) as it reaches its destination. Here are some of the most common use cases:

  • Data cleaning: Easily clean your data before it reaches its destination by removing or renaming event fields.
  • Data filtering: Filter events using allowlists or denylists to drop unwanted events and ensure only relevant, necessary data reaches the destination
  • Data formatting and aggregation: Transform certain parts of the payload or reformat it to meet destination requirements.
  • Data enrichment: Automatically add additional data to your events from internal or external APIs.
  • Data quality: Ensure data quality and compliance by identifying and acting on data violations.
  • Data privacy: Replace or mask any sensitive data in your payloads to protect sensitive information.

Advanced Use Cases: Beyond the Basics

Transformations go beyond basic data cleaning and formatting and can be used to solve more complex problems and drive innovation. Here are some advanced ways you can apply transformations:

  • Real-time activations: Trigger push notifications in real-time based on event type.
  • Generating synthetic events: Generate conversion events upon specified activities.
  • Real-time experience personalization: Create personalized experiences for your customers using Transformations + Redis.
  • Event Filtering and Sampling for SaaS cost management: Filter unwanted or redundant events to reduce costs in your destination apps.
  • Filter Bot traffic: Identify bots and filter bot traffic using transformations.

Niche Use Cases: An Endless Long Tail

Transformations can also be used to address niche problems that are unique to your business. Here are a few examples:

  • Webhook-specific improvements: Dynamically set headers or append URLs before delivering events to webhook destinations.
  • Sending events to custom destinations: Send events to custom destinations by routing them using a webhook.

Do More with Transformations

The power of Transformations is limitless. Whether you want to implement basic data cleaning and formatting or solve complex and niche problems, Transformations can help you transform your event data in the way you desire. For more details, read our documentation on Transformations and the Transformations API. You can also use Transformation templates available in our app or visit our Github repo with sample transformations to get started quickly. Join us on Slack to share your interesting use cases and get help from the community.

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