Email customer support automation using Databricks LLM platform

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About UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks is the largest electricity distributor in the UK, responsible for maintaining electricity cables and lines in London, the East, and the Southeast of England. Delivering energy to 19 million people, UK Power Networks ensures the safety, security, and reliability of electrical networks. The company also plays a vital role in supporting renewable energy, low-carbon heating, and electric car chargers.

UK Power Networks is committed to driving innovation in the energy sector and has partnered with industry leaders to develop cutting-edge solutions.

Overview of the challenge

The customer service team at UK Power Networks faces the challenge of managing a high volume of incoming emails, with a 10% annual increase. Categorizing these emails based on their urgency and nature has been a manual and time-consuming process, leading to potential delays and missed service level agreements. To address this challenge, UK Power Networks collaborated with industry experts to create an automatic solution known as the Customer Virtual Agent.

Developing the solution with CKDelta

CKDelta, a technical partner of UK Power Networks, has been instrumental in the development of the Customer Virtual Agent. Leveraging advanced data-driven AI applications and machine learning models, CKDelta has played a key role in creating innovative solutions for UK Power Networks. The Customer Virtual Agent, developed in partnership with Databricks and Microsoft, utilizes state-of-the-art technology to streamline the email processing workflow.

The solution involves the use of PySpark for data preprocessing, along with the deployment of GPT-3.5 Turbo models to identify important parts of the emails, assign categories, and provide summaries. The partnership with CKDelta, Databricks, and Microsoft has enabled UK Power Networks to enhance the efficiency of its customer service operations through innovative AI-driven solutions.

Benefits of the solution

The Customer Virtual Agent has significantly improved the efficiency of the customer service team at UK Power Networks by automating the categorization and summarization of incoming emails. This has led to time savings, minimized the risk of missing service level agreements, and directly impacted customer satisfaction. The solution has proven to be effective and reliable, providing a solid foundation for further customization and enhancements.

Next steps for the Customer Virtual Agent

The positive reception of the Customer Virtual Agent has paved the way for its productionization and further customization based on ongoing feedback. The solution is poised to become a permanent and integral part of email processing at UK Power Networks, with potential for additional features such as alerting about the urgency of requests and providing drafts of responses. The partnership with Databricks Model Serving will enable agile testing of different model families to further optimize the solution.

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