Deloitte’s Recent Acquisition Expands Analytics Practice with Deep Learning Models and Next-Generation AI Solutions

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Deloitte is expanding its capabilities by acquiring the operations of OpTeamizer, a company specializing in AI, generative AI, and accelerated computing solutions running on NVIDIA accelerated computing.

This acquisition will enhance Deloitte’s high-performance computing engineering capabilities, allowing clients to leverage generative AI, supercomputers, and edge AI for automation, business process optimization, and increased business value.

Jim Rowan, AI market activation leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP, stated, “OpTeamizer further broadens our value by bringing deep high-performance computing experience to Deloitte’s full stack AI capabilities and alliance ecosystem. We look forward to continuing to unlock new opportunities with AI and scaling our capabilities to help solve our clients’ most complex business and AI challenges.”

As a member of the NVIDIA Partner Network, OpTeamizer brings expertise in NVIDIA training workshops, NVIDIA-accelerated high-performance computing, the NVIDIA Jetson platform, and development on NVIDIA CUDA to Deloitte. The OpTeamizer team will focus on expanding NVIDIA technology applications and areas of device-based AI and sensing for client applications across various industries.

Building on recent acquisitions, OpTeamizer enhances the AI stack for Deloitte clients, maximizing compute and infrastructure investments at scale.

Tomer Gal, founder of OpTeamizer, commented, “We are excited to join the world’s largest consulting organization. Together, we will leverage OpTeamizer’s research and development capabilities to seize opportunities and enter new sectors.”

Deloitte’s strategic alliance with NVIDIA has expanded to unlock the value of generative AI across enterprise software platforms. Additionally, Deloitte is collaborating with NVIDIA to establish an Ambassador AI program using NVIDIA AI Foundation Models and the NVIDIA NeMo framework for building and customizing generative AI models.

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