Deloitte Acquires Giant Machines, Fortifying its Engineering Prowess

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Deloitte has officially acquired Giant Machines, a digital product company known for its expertise in strategizing, designing, and engineering innovative digital products. This acquisition is set to directly benefit Deloitte Digital and Deloitte Engineering by enhancing their capability to deliver the engineering advantage needed for success in a constantly evolving technological landscape.

Established in 2015, Giant Machines specializes in product design and development, offering a wide range of services including market and user research, product strategy, prototyping, engineering and design, and product management. The company has a track record of developing custom solutions for Fortune 500 companies across various industries, emphasizing its strength in solution design and development.

Giant Machines is also known for its focus on the “future of engineering,” providing inclusive and personalized learning experiences for both existing and prospective engineers. These initiatives will now be integrated into Deloitte’s existing training programs.

By acquiring Giant Machines, Deloitte is demonstrating its commitment to empowering its clients to succeed in a rapidly changing market. The unique capacity of Giant Machines for product design and development aligns with Deloitte’s goal of providing confidence and momentum to its clients in turning ideas into revenue-generating products.

Giant Machines’ engineering innovations will enhance Deloitte’s existing engineering teams, allowing them to expedite product development and broaden their product vision.

Roy Yang, CEO of Giant Machines, expressed his belief that joining Deloitte will further advance their vision of creating meaningful technology and provide greater opportunities for clients.

The strategic fit between Deloitte and Giant Machines is evident in their shared focus on outcomes and momentum. The acquisition reflects Deloitte’s understanding of the ever-changing tech market and its commitment to guiding clients through the complexities of product and solution development.

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