Dealing with Social Media Trolls: Community Management Best Practices

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Dealing with Social Media Trolls

Dealing with social media trolls can be challenging, but with a well-maintained Social Media Community Management Guardrails document, your team can be prepared to handle any situation that arises. As the online landscape constantly changes, it’s essential to ensure your guidelines are up-to-date and comprehensive.

The Basics and Benefits of Social Media Community Management Guardrails

A Social Media Community Management Guardrails document is designed to help your team quickly and consistently respond to frequent or anticipated questions, positive or negative comments, and customer support needs. It should include the brand’s voice and tone, sample responses, and a decision-tree for escalating serious issues. By maintaining clear and updated guidelines, your team can spend less time thinking of responses or seeking guidance for tricky situations, ensuring consistency in responses, fostering a positive online environment, combating misinformation, and demonstrating trust and transparency in your brand.

Silly and Serious Sides of Social Media Trolls

Many brands may encounter volatile topics and serious discussions on various social media platforms. It’s crucial for your team to be prepared to address both lighthearted and serious conversations involving politics, social issues, and controversial topics. Updating your Social Media Community Management Guardrails is essential to handle these situations effectively.

Real Life Moderation Example #1

Handling negative comments about a new product launch requires a thoughtful approach. Instead of deleting or disputing the comment, it’s best to respond politely, acknowledge the opinion, and maintain a positive tone. By responding with empathy and kindness, you can show customers that you care about their feedback while diffusing any negativity.

Updating and Optimizing Social Media Community Management Guardrails

It’s important to ensure that your Social Media Community Management Guardrails cover all the essential elements, including brand voice and tone, sample responses, customer service guidance, crisis escalation steps, and processes for curating user-generated and influencer content. Furthermore, proactive social listening can help anticipate potential topics and prepare sample responses for upcoming events. Regular reviews, updates, and collaboration between social media and customer service teams are also vital for maintaining updated guidelines and ensuring a consistent brand image.

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