Collaborative Business Models and Growth Opportunities

By neub9
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The inaugural session of the GeoBuiz Summit 2024, titled “Collaborative Business Models and Growth Opportunities,” marked a significant starting point for the event. Moderated by Ronda Schrenk, CEO of USGIF, the session featured esteemed speakers including Dean Angelides, Corporate Director – International at Esri; Johannes Riegl, President of Riegl USA; Juan Tomas Hernani, CEO of Satlantis; and James Crawford, Chairman and Founder of Orbital Insight.

The discussion emphasized the need to foster a culture of collaboration among geospatial technology providers, data providers, and end-users to facilitate smoother integration of different datasets and technologies to address complex challenges. This might involve creating platforms or forums for sharing best practices, case studies, and success stories to inspire collaboration and innovation across the industry.

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