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A Canadian man, Timothy Barker, denies being involved in a complex e-commerce scam and shares his version of events. He explains that he fell victim to a scam involving “triangulation fraud,” where an individual buys something online from a retailer on websites such as Amazon or eBay, only to find out that the seller does not actually possess the item and acquires it using stolen payment card data. Barker used his payment card to buy items for his community from, but the shipped items came from Walmart instead, with a contact number in Mexico. He was accused of hacking someone’s credit card in Ontario to make these purchases. Despite sharing his proof of innocence with the police, Barker was charged with theft and arrested, leaving him without a job and facing difficulties in finding new employment due to his criminal record. He has lost trust in the legal system. The situation raises questions about potential vulnerabilities in e-commerce platforms that may let such scams occur. When contacted, Amazon said they conducted an investigation into the seller in question and found no complaints about the transaction from Barker. The seller himself is based in Turkey, and his account no longer exists on Amazon. Beyond clearing his name, Barker seeks to draw attention to the potential issues at play in the e-commerce realm and how legal processes could be misconstrued.

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