Breaking Down DENSE_RANK(): A Step-by-Step Guide for SQL Enthusiasts

By neub9
1 Min Read

ranked_sales: This is the alias for the subquery that contains the results of the ranking operation.

WHERE Clause: This filters the results to only include rows where the sales_rank is equal to 1, meaning that it only includes the top sales performer for each sales date.

Step 4: Understand the Result The final result of the query includes the employee_id, sales_date, and total_sales for the top sales performer on each sales date.

Step 5: Apply the Solution to Other Scenarios Now that we understand how the query works, we can apply this solution to other scenarios where we need to find the top performer for different categories or groupings within our data.

In conclusion, the DENSE_RANK() function in SQL is a powerful tool for ranking data within specific partitions. Understanding its syntax and how it operates can significantly enhance our data analysis capabilities.

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