Brazil Singh’s Diary | ‘Connecting with Community: Let’s Switch to Mapping’

By neub9
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‘Connecting with Community: Let’s Switch to Mapping’

YouthMappers at Eastern University recently hosted a dynamic and engaging day-long session with the theme ‘Connecting with Community: Let’s Switch to Mapping’ on 07 February 2024. It was an enlightening experience where we delved into the concept of the Butterfly Effect and embraced the innovative approach of Play and Learn.

In the realm of community building, leaders hold a pivotal role as catalysts for change and progress. Even small actions can set off a chain reaction of positive transformations within the community. For example, a leader who actively listens to the concerns of residents and involves them in decision-making processes can foster empowerment and unity among community members. This, in turn, can inspire individuals to become more engaged and invested in the betterment of their community.

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