Boost your data & AI skills with our latest offerings: Databricks Academy Labs and Blended Learning

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Databricks introduces Databricks Academy Labs and Blended Learning for hands-on experience and cohort-based learning

With the expertise of data + AI professionals, we are excited to bring you two innovative ways to leverage cutting-edge technologies: Databricks Academy Labs and Blended Learning. Databricks Academy Labs offer on-demand, hands-on guided lab experiences in Databricks environments. Meanwhile, Blended Learning combines self-paced and weekly instructor-led sessions to accommodate various learning styles, optimize course completion, and ensure knowledge retention. Together, these solutions provide a variety of learning options, from self-paced to hands-on, experiential, and cohort-based learning, designed to cater to different learning preferences and ensure a rewarding educational experience.

For a limited time, Databricks is offering 20% off on these two learning offerings using the discount code1: TRN20y24

1The discount code will be valid until February 28, 2024, can be used multiple times, and only through credit card payments.

Need for Data & AI Talent

The ongoing impact of data & AI calls for practitioners to reassess their skills, while organizations need to strategize on remaining competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape. According to PwC’s Global CEO Survey, over 50% of CEOs recognize that changing customer preferences, regulatory change, skills shortages, and technology disruption are the main forces likely to impact industry profitability in the next decade. Financial services, telecommunications/media/technology, and healthcare sectors, including pharmaceuticals, are the most susceptible to technological disruption. The urgent need to upskill and reskill existing workforces has never been clearer.

Additionally, LinkedIn underscores the importance of hands-on learning over traditional classroom learning for boosting worker productivity and effectiveness. Hands-on labs offer immersive experiences that mimic real-world scenarios, allowing learners to apply their skills practically, resulting in faster and more efficient learning and superior skill outcomes.

Databricks’ Track Record in Learning Resources

Databricks is committed to helping data & AI practitioners upskill and reskill, making resources accessible to all. From self-paced learning to hands-on, experiential learning, and cohort-based learning, Databricks offers a wide range of resources to support learners and organizations at every stage of their educational journey.

To date, over 130,000 Databricks badges and certifications have been earned by learners worldwide, showcasing their talents across data engineering, machine learning engineering, generative AI, and data analytics.

Databricks track record

Accessing Databricks Academy Labs & Blended Learning

Databricks Academy Labs offer hands-on experiential learning across the Databricks platform in partnership with Vocareum. This new offering presents learners with guided experiences to practice and develop their data and AI skills in safe, isolated environments without impacting their production environments.

In addition, Blended Learning on Uplimit enhances cohort-based learning through its unique AI-powered learning experience. With personalized support, engaging instructor-led sessions, and an active learner community, Uplimit maximizes learner engagement, retention, and certification success.

To access Databricks Academy Labs & Blended Learning, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Databricks Academy login
    Databricks Academy login
  2. View the subscriptions and details for each offering
    Subscriptions and details for each offering
  3. Add the offering to your cart and purchase
    Cart and Purchase

Save 20% today on Databricks’ newest learning offerings with discount code: TRN20y24

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