BigID Empowers Zero Trust and Reduced Insider/Outsider Risk with Latest Update

By neub9
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BigID, the leading vendor in data security and compliance for the cloud and hybrid cloud, is unveiling new access governance controls that empower organizations to achieve and strengthen zero trust, reduce insider risk, minimize their attack surface, and meet AI compliance more easily.

BigID utilizes automated identification technology to highlight areas within an enterprise that could potentially create unauthorized access exposure for both structured and unstructured data. Available for both cloud and on-premises environments, companies utilizing BigID can mitigate the risk of overexposed data and over-privileged users, while also gaining enhanced visibility into insider risk.

“As data landscapes become increasingly complex, securing access to sensitive information becomes crucial,” stated Tyler Young, CISO at BigID. “BigID’s access intelligence and remediation capabilities represent a significant advancement in addressing the challenges that organizations face in effectively managing access to sensitive data, particularly across large, on-premises, and hybrid IT environments.”

The latest updates to BigID’s access governance controls enable organizations to:

  • Rapidly identify internal and external users with access to sensitive information
  • Proactively identify, prioritize, and remedy overexposed data
  • Implement access governance and control around AI training data
  • Centralize access rights management natively

To learn more about BigID’s access governance controls, please visit

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