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Improve Your Business with Quality Customer Data

Low-quality data can be a huge obstacle to using customer data to your advantage, causing unnecessary, costly data wrangling and cleaning. To address this issue, we have created a Data Quality Toolkit, a set of features to proactively manage data quality for your event data. This toolkit includes tools for collaborative event definitions, violation management, real-time schema fixes, and centralized monitoring and alerting.

Collaborative event definitions make it easy for you to collaborate with business teams on schema definitions for events and properties, ensuring everyone works from the same definitions and tracks changes as business requirements evolve. Once event schema definitions are established, you can create Tracking Plans to validate each incoming event, automatically flagging violations at any level of detail. Our toolkit also makes it easy to apply fixes to correct the bad data in real-time. Additionally, our health dashboard provides a global view of your entire customer data stack, allowing you to monitor the health of your data sources and destinations.

By using our Data Quality Toolkit, you can stop wasting time on data cleanup and focus on creating real value for your business. If you want to see these features in action today or have them enabled on your account, request a demo with our team. For more details on each feature, sign up for our webinar and follow us on Linkedin to get notified as we post deep dives next week.

Sign up for our webinar session with special guest Chad Sanderson to get expert guidance on data quality and learn how to guarantee quality customer data from the source. Register today!

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