Alation launches benchmark tool to assess data maturity

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Alation unveiled a new benchmarking tool designed to help organizations measure the maturity of their data culture. The Data Culture Maturity Assessment examines four aspects of a given enterprise’s data operations — data search and discovery, governance, literacy, and leadership — in order to gauge the state of the organization’s data operation and its ability to derive business value from its data. According to Stewart Bond, an analyst at IDC, benchmarking tools such as these are important for organizations to understand their current status and what they must do to improve and grow.

Alation, which is a data catalog specialist, enables organizations to connect disparate data systems, reduce data isolation, and organize data products for easy discovery and operationalization. In October, the company launched its Analytics Cloud, which includes the Alation Consumption Tracker and Data Catalog Value Index, allowing enterprises to gauge their data initiatives relative to similar organizations. Additionally, Alation released Allie AI, a generative AI assistant designed to improve the efficiency of data engineers, analysts, and stewards.

Companies offering similar data catalog offerings include Collibra and Informatica. Technology giants like IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle also provide data catalogs as part of their larger data management and analytics portfolios.

According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review and analytics vendor ThoughtSpot, organizations that empowered employees with tools and knowledge to make data-informed decisions experienced faster growth. However, creating a data culture that fosters self-service analytics and empowers business users can be challenging. Additionally, data management and analytics platforms can be costly, and the complexity of data further increases the challenge.

Alation’s Data Culture Maturity Assessment aims to provide knowledge about an organization’s data and analytics operations relative to similar organizations. According to Wayne Eckerson, founder and analyst at Eckerson Group, this is particularly valuable when enterprises are determining whether to increase their investments in data management and analytics. However, in Eckerson’s experience, such assessments have become less popular than in the past.

Alation users can access the Data Culture Maturity Assessment through Alation’s Analytics Cloud and answer a series of questions related to data search and discovery, literacy, governance, and leadership. Upon completion, users receive a report assessing their data maturity.

In the future, Alation plans to focus on expanding its data catalog capabilities to offer a broader set of features. Additionally, the vendor aims to help organizations build a data culture and improve their data maturity. By widening its user base and enhancing its capabilities, Alation hopes to contribute to its customers’ success in developing a strong data culture.

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